HSR offers a range of services aimed at assisting our clients to improve core revenues, performance, accountability and effectiveness, through organisation wide development.  

We provide expertise in: organisation strategy, specialist project management organisation development and all areas of governance.


Regardless of an organisation's ownership model (government or private sector - privately owned or listed), size, or business model, strategic planning and well-executed implementation of strategy are critical to establishing and maintaining long-term success and growth.

HSR will assist you to identify and build long-term strategies and set clear goals that can be translated into organisation actions. We help to both set direction, position the organisation and review strategic goals.

Strategy expertise and services include:

Strategy Formulation
• Strategy workshops – board / senior management
• Stakeholder feedback and participation in strategy formulation
• Market and environmental research to support strategy development

Strategy Implementation
• Alignment of strategy and business planning
• Strategy in board decision making

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We assist organisations to build systems for goal identification and planning, strategy formulation and implementation, organisation positioning, and performance evaluation within the context of the organisation's purpose, vision and values.

Our organisation development expertise and services include:
• Effectiveness of Structure
• Strategy Planning
• Strategy implementation / roll out
• Change Management
• Project Management
• New venture establishment
• Policy Development
• Strategic marketing
• Strategic Communication
• Market Research (stakeholder focused)
• CEO mentoring
• Mergers and Acquisitions

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HSR has a successful track record advising corporate clients on their governance obligations, frameworks and development.

Our corporate governance related expertise and services include:

Governance Frameworks
• Shareholder agreements
• Board Charters / Governance Manuals
• Charitable / Trust constitutions
• Board policy development
• Board Delegations
• Board, chair and director roles and responsibilities
• Strategy at the board table
• Codes of Conduct and Ethics
• Board committees – audit and finance
• Board, Director and CEO performance tools
• Director selection and appointment processes
• Director due diligence

Board Relationships
• Board, director, CEO relationships
• Board, senior management interface
• Board, shareholder / stakeholder relationships
• Managing the political / commercial interface
• Board chair, board committee chair and director mentoring
• Board communication

Board Performance
• Board work plans
• Independent Chair
• Compliance frameworks
• KPIs in strategic planning
• CEO Performance and Evaluation
• Professional Development / Board Training (whole board, chair, director)
• Succession planning

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HSR works alongside many family and tribal (iwi) enterprises to bridge the gap between successful growth and (commercial) expansion, cultural/family interests, stewardship and preserving the legacy.

Our Family/Tribal Governance related expertise and services include:

Governance Frameworks
• Tribal / Family governance frameworks
• Tribal / Family constitutions and shareholder agreements
• Tribal memberships and accountability to stakeholders
• Aligning Cultural Values alongside Corporate Governance Frameworks
• Selection and appointment of Directors / Trustees

Board Relationships
• Political / family board interface
• Public / private governance challenges

Board Performance
• Independent decision makers
• Long term strategy planning
• Professional Development
• Succession Planning
• Mentoring

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Governance issues for not-for-profit (non profit) organisations differ substantially from corporate governance challenges.

HSR is able to assist non profits to achieve balance at the board table and align you and your members' expectations and activities alongside the organisation's charitable purpose and funder expectations.

Our Non Profit Governance related expertise and services include:

Governance Frameworks
• Charitable / Trust constitutions
• Charitable purpose accountability
• Alignment of National and Regional Structure and Constitutions with Charitable Purpose
• Selection and Appointment of Trustees

Board Relationships
• Role of the Trustee/Stewardship and Fiduciary Obligations
• Board, chair, trustee, CEO relationships
• Board, shareholder/stakeholder relationships
• Board committees
• Community Stakeholder Feedback (Surveys etc)
• Board and stakeholder communication

Board Performance
• Board Performance
• Board annual work plans
• Compliance frameworks
• KPI in strategic planning
• CEO Performance and Evaluation
• Professional Development / Board Training (whole board, chair, director)
• Succession planning
• Chair, CEO mentoring

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HSR uses a range of methods to help you identify the critical areas, whether they are strategic, governance related or more operationally focused. We have a large toolkit of resources and build relationships that result in the critical information being isolated for discussion and development.

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HSR writes and delivers a range of public and tailored training seminars on governance related topics including board responsibilities and board effectiveness.    We are commissioned independently by organisations, professional bodies or by government departments and can assist you with all your governance training needs.   We are skilled facilitators of board and stakeholder group strategy workshops and seminars.

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From time to time we will be contracted to direct strategy implementation on behalf of clients. This can be in the capacity as project director reporting to the CEO or being contracted by the board or sponsoring organisation to get a new project up and running.

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